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Hungry hungry hippo unicorn edition

Hungry hungry hippo unicorn edition

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Brand: For ages 4 years and up
Product Code: 9503
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Brand For ages 4 years and up
Size 27 cms x 27 cms x 10 cms
SKU Code 139236
Product Code 9503


You Save : 500
Description It's a fun twist on Hungry Hungry Hippos, the classic marble chomping game! This Unicorn Edition of Hungry Hungry Hippos features magical unicorns. READY, SET, CHOMP: Kids can enjoy lots of laughs as they watch their unicorn chomp down the plastic marbles. FEED THE MAGICAL UNICORNS: Which unicorn will you choose? Players can choose to play as Bubbles, Twinkle, Dazzle, or Sparkle as they race to chomp down the most marbles to win. PLAY A BONUS GAME: Try a game in which each unicorn chomps down only on the marbles that match their color. The first player who chomps all 5 of their color marble is the winner.


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